Company History

Sultans Ltd was founded in 1979 to produce and sell the finest traditional Turkish delight to the UK market. Using a family recipe passed down for generations the company has expanded its range as well as production facilities. Now Sultans has a production facility in Samsun, Northern Turkey and produces Turkish Delight, Ginger products and coconut ice for an international market. The head office remains based in the UK and is family owned and run.

Turkish Delight Legend

Manufacture of Traditional Turkish Delight in Turkey dates back to 300 years or more making Turkish Delight one of the oldest sweets in the world.

Legend has it that in his endeavour to cope with all his wives, a certain Sultan summoned all his confectionery experts and ordered the them to produce a unique dessert to add to the collection of secret recipes for which he was famous. As a result of extensive research 'LOKUM', better known as 'Turkish Delight' in the Western World, was born. The Sultan found it so tasty and stimulating that he and all successive Sultans always insisted on a plate of Turkish Delight with their daily feasts. The quality and taste of Turkish Delight became traditional over hundreds of years and it is now available for your enjoyment in its original recipe.

Sultans Limited
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